RPL discovers Terracycle and the Gu Performance Nutrition Recycling Program through one of Jeff Browning’s (@gobroncobilly) posts on Instagram. The program facilitates the recycling of all of those gel and nutrition packets runners use that would otherwise just be thrown away! While reusable packaging is ideal, recycling single-use packaging works toward ecological responsibility and sustainability.

RPL board member Mike Scarber and RPL’s Events and Outreach Committee begin a relationship with Terracycle, and establish the program in our local community. Meanwhile, Race Director Luis Escobar invites RPL to start and manage the program at all of his AllWeDoIsRun events, and Terracyle designates RPL as a Terracyle Points Partner beneficiary, allowing other participants in the program to donate the cash they earn from recycling their wrappers to RPL. With this program, RPL hopes to not only keep trash out of the landfill, but also help educate people on what they can do for their environment and public lands.