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Runners for Public Lands is a community environmental organization that combines running with learning about, protecting, and restoring the environment. RPL is based in Ventura, California.


Runners and environmentalists are natural allies. Combine the two and you get runner environmentalism. Given that runners are the largest recreational group in the United States, RPL sees lots of potential. We believe environmental issues, ranging from the local to the global, and their social impacts, call runners to activate that potential for the sake of people and planet.


Building community

We’re building a community that combines running with learning about environmental issues, especially those negatively impacting public health and wild places.

Volunteering locally

We’re mobilizing runners to volunteer for environmental causes, for example, public land acquisition and stewardship; environmental justice and the restoration of polluted and damaged ecosystems and communities; and climate-related advocacy.

Spreading the word

We’re seeking to inspire runners everywhere to connect their love for running with action on the environmental issues, and their related social impacts, relevant to the places they run and beyond.


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