RPL Toolkit

Toolkit Resources

On the beauty and wonder of nature, and our impacts and responsibilities, see David Attenborough’s “For All Nature” https://vimeo.com/432176675.

– On climate action, see Project Drawdown.

– On environmental sustainability, see Council for Responsible Sport’s “A Practical Guide to Hosting Radically Responsible Events”.

– On expanding nature conservation, see Center for American Progress’s “A Plan for a 100 Percent Clean Future Must Include Saving Nature”.

– On equitable access to nature, see Center for American Progress’s “The Nature Gap: Confronting Racial and Economic Disparities in the Destruction and Protection of Nature in America”. 

– On diversity, equity, and inclusion in the running community, follow the work of Running Industry Diversity Coalition (RIDC)  and consider joining as a member.

– On solidarity with First Peoples and land acknowledgements, see Rising Hearts’ “Running on Native Lands Initiative”. 

An RPL Toolkit

Runners Passionate about Environmental Stewardship

This toolkit provides specific steps you can take to start adding environmental stewardship to your running community as well as resources and links to help you during this process.

What does RPL mean by environmental stewardship? We mean climate action; sustainability practices; protecting public lands and expanding conservation efforts; and seeing to more equitable access to nature. You can use this toolkit to take action in any one or more of these areas.

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