Trail work series

Overview of Trail Work Series

Through our Trail Work Series, Runners for Public Lands partners with local trail maintenance organizations, clubs, and races to educate and activate runners through recurring trail stewardship events. All of our events are approved, permitted, and insured by the local land managing agency and led by trained trail work leaders. RPL Ambassadors and our partners are at each event to share news and upcoming ways to get involved in our organizations.

How exactly does the program work? Each Trail Work Series is unique and based on the needs of the local running community! Every Series will include multiple (usually 3-4) independent trail work or clean-up events, combined with a relevant education element. Participants are not required to attend all events in a series, but are encouraged to, and can earn prizes/incentives from RPL and our brand partners for repeat participation. Check out our active Trail Work Series below and sign up to volunteer in your community, or learn more about the program and how to start a new series in your area!


What was our impact in 2023?

Ventura Trail Work 2023 

  • In partnership with Los Padres National Forest, Ojai Valley Land Conservancy, and the Get it Done Crew.
  • In 3 events, 77 volunteers helped perform 231 hours of work, maintaining 7 miles of trail and trimming brush along 7 miles of trails.
  • Cleared 20+ drainage features of storm debris and cleared 5 significant landslides.
  • Reinforced numerous damaged trails and rerouted a heavily used trail to avoid future erosion problems.
  • RPL also created digital “Pocket Guides for Runners” to identify local and native plants in the area.

    Colorado Trail Work 2023

    • In partnership with Jefferson County Open Space and the Trail Runner Volunteer
    • Hosted 4 after-work events with 58 volunteers, who performed 174 hours of work, maintaining 1.8 miles of trails
    • Protected and replanted 18 native plants,
    • Removed 400 square feet of invasive plants,
    • Constructed 4 new drainage features.
    • Closed/restored 150 feet of social trail.

    Interested in hosting or sponsoring a Trail Work Series?

    Are you a club, race director, or outdoor organization looking to host a Trail Work series in your area? Are you a brand, nonprofit, land agency, race, or outdoor organization interested in sponsoring new Trail Work Series events? Reach out to us at for more info. 

    Thank you to all of our partners who made this possible. In particular, Athletic Brewing Co. for helping us double our Colorado Trail Work Series in 2024.