We were thrilled to introduce the recipients to our 2024 Everyone Runs Fund this past week: Mauricio Zuniga, Candace Gale, and Mensah Bey.

Our Everyone Runs Fund program helps underrepresented runners achieve their run goals by providing financial and in-kind assistance. This is our second year doing this program and — with thanks to our sponsor Hoka — we were able to award stipends to three runners this year (in our inaugural year, we awarded two stipends).

This week, we’re shining lights on our recipients: what got them into running, what race they chose to run for this program, and what keeps them motivated to move. Next up is Candace Gale.

RPL: What event are you doing?

Candace: Moab 240 Endurance Run.

RPL: Why did you choose this event?  

Candace: To help me continue my healing journey and to represent myself and my community. I want to increase representation of Native runners in ultra endurance events. This race is fitting for me because I grew up in the deserts and I have seen the perils of industrial environment effects on our lands of illegal dumping of trash, and uranium tailings left behind of mining. My goal is to give recognition to the beautiful areas that surround our Navajo Nation. I hope I can inspire more of my people to run, or even visit the beautiful areas surrounding them. I have hope that my little journey can motivate and encourage more diversity in all outdoor recreating events.

RPL: How did you get into running?

Candace: I was remembering back when I first started running and my auntie Nancy was a big influence on me. I was thinking of my early days of running and it makes me think how far I come. I’ve been a runner my entire life, a passion inherited from my father’s family of avid runners. I began at six and have never had stopped.

We can’t wait to follow Candace’s on her journey toward Moab 240 Endurance Run. If you’re interested in learning more about our Everyone Runs Fund, you can see that page here. We’ll be updating that site soon with more information about the applications to our 2025 ERF Program.

A runner in a race smiling at the camera with a hydration pack, gloves, jacket, and hat on with grass and a trail behind her