RPL is excited to partner with Indiana Dunes National Park and Trailblazer Running to present the 2024 Trail Work Series in Indiana Dunes!


Our Trail Work Series aims to create opportunities that bring our local community of runners together to learn about and care for the living landscapes we run with. Through repetitive, hands-on service events with an educational component, we can share ecological values and create strong connections that inspire runners to care for the people and places they love. See more about the program on our Trail Work Series page here. And a special thank you to Athletic Brewing Co. for helping bring this project to fruition through the Two for the Trails grant program!



This Trail Work Series will include 4 independent trail work events, each with its own unique educational component. Based on the location of each trail work we have identified a relevant topic to learn about. The educational topics may include native vs. invasive flora, trail building/maintaining, and the history/culture of indigenous tribes. We are working with the Indiana Land Protection Alliance (ILPA) and Indiana Dunes Tourism to provide expert insights on these topics. Participants are not required to attend all four events but are encouraged to, and can earn prizes/incentives for attending multiple events. Each event will be approved by the NPS and led by Trailblazer Running volunteer leaders and NPS Staff and volunteers.  All volunteers will be required to sign a NPS waiver before volunteering. One waiver will cover participating in all four events.


  • 5/9 at Tolleston Dunes: Garlic Mustard Pulling with an educational focus on Native plants.

  • 6/20 at Bailly Homestead: Trail Maintenance with education on how creating and maintaining trails helps the surrounding ecosystem.

  • 7/18 at Glenwood Dunes: Invasive Species Treatment with an educational focus of why we need to remove woody invasive species

  • 8/22 at Indiana Dunes Visitor Center: new building/clearing for Indigenous Cultural Trail with an educational focus on the history of Indigenous tribes in NW Indiana and their cultural ties to the Dunes.

Indiana Dunes National Park is a United States national park located in northwestern Indiana managed by the National Park Service. It was authorized by Congress in 1966 as the Indiana Dunes National Lakeshore and was redesignated as the nation’s 61st national park on February 15, 2019. The park runs for about 20 miles (32 km) along the southern shore of Lake Michigan and covers 15,349 acres (6,212 ha).

Trailblazer Running is about community, challenging & rewarding events, and respect for our outdoor places. We want everyone to have an amazing experience, while ensuring fairness, safety and leaving minimal impact on the environment. Read more here.